New Poll Shows Nick Rahall Up Double Digits


Today, the Rahall campaign released a new poll showing Representative Rahall holds a double digit lead over Republican challenger Evan Jenkins, 52-percent to 39-percent.  This is the third recent poll showing Representative Rahall with a strong lead over his opponent, despite millions of dollars in false and misleading attack ads from New York City billionaires. 

“Out-of-state billionaires have spent over a million dollars to prop up their puppet Evan Jenkins because they know Jenkins will do their bidding in Congress, but West Virginians simply aren't buying their lies and false attacks,” said Rahall Campaign Manager Samuel Raymond. “No amount of New York City money can change the deep wellspring of support Representative Rahall has earned with West Virginians through his tireless service fighting for coal miners and working families.” 

Key findings include: 

Nick Rahall leads Republican Evan Jenkins by 13 points

• Despite being the target of two million dollars in attack ads, Nick Rahall leads Evan Jenkins by 13 points (52% Rahall / 39% Jenkins). Rahall not only leads, he is polling over 50%. The margin is similar to results from Garin-Hart-Yang in April (Rahall 52% /Jenkins 40%).

• Rahall leads among men and women, union households and non-union households, and among coal households and non-coal households. Rahall also leads by double-digits in both the Charleston-Huntington and Bluefield-Beckley media markets. 

Voters still believe Congressman Rahall fights for the area’s coal mining jobs

• By a 17-point margin, voters agree Rahall, “stands up for the area’s coal mining jobs,”(55% Agree / 38% Disagree).

• The Koch Brothers’ ads have repeatedly targeted Rahall on the issue of coal. Rahall responded strongly with positive communication during the primary about his record on coal, successfully reminding voters that he stands up for West Virginia. 

Evan Jenkins’ relatively high unfavorable rating makes it difficult for him to take advantage of the massive Koch-fueled spending attacking Rahall. 

• Rahall has so far withstood an expensive, negative campaign. His 17-point net-favorable rating (56% favorable / 39% unfavorable) is impressive given the intensity of attacks he’s endured over the past several months. 

• In contrast, Evan Jenkins’ favorable-to-unfavorable ratio is just 1:1 (25% Favorable /25% Unfavorable). House Majority PAC has been more successful in defining Jenkins than Koch-affiliated groups have been in defining Congressman Rahall. Jenkins’ mediocre personal popularity makes it more difficult for him to take advantage of attacks against Congressman Rahall