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NRA Endorses Representative Nick Rahall For Re-Election

Rahall wins endorsement thanks to lifelong commitment to Second Amendment and efforts in House  

HUNTINGTON, WV – The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund has officially endorsed Representative Nick Rahall for re-election.

In their endorsement of Rep. Rahall, the NRA stated “Throughout your career, you have consistently opposed all attempts to ban lawfully-owned firearms and magazines, and have stood strong against President Obama and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun control agenda.”

Rep. Nick Rahall Receives Alliance for Retired Americans Endorsement

On August 15th, Alliance for Retired Americans, including President Barbara Easterling and Executive Director Rich Fiesta, formally endorsed Rep. Nick Rahall at the Beckley Convention Center, highlighting Rep. Rahall’s strong commitment to protecting Social Security and his proven record of fighting for West Virginia seniors.

In Case You Missed It: Rahall Meets with Miners on Black Lung Issues

Beckley Register-Herald

Mullens-  They came for hope — some with questions, some with myriad paperwork to claim federal black lung benefits, some pulling oxygen machines to help them breathe due to the debilitating lung disease.

 The miners attending a meeting Friday in the Mullens Opportunity Center wanted to know that benefits they’d been promised would be delivered.

 U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.Va., met with Wyoming County coal miners to discuss the changes in the laws regarding black lung benefits and the efforts under way now in Congress to overturn recent gains in the legislation. 

In Case You Missed It: Panel votes to curb EPA’s veto power

The Hill

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee voted Wednesday to put time limits on when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can block permits for dumping material into waterways.

Under the Regulatory Certainty Act, the EPA would not be allowed to take any action against a permit to put dredge or fill material in waterways or wetlands until an application is filed or a permit is issued.......Rep. Nick Rahall (W.Va.), the top Democrat on the panel, cited the West Virginia case in his support of the bill. Mingo Logan Coal Co.’s Spruce Fork permit was at issue.

“By vetoing that permit, the EPA demonstrated that its word is no good, that permit negotiations are a farce, and that 404 permits are worthless,” Rahall said.

In Case You Missed it: WV Rep. Nick Rahall on funding bill: This bill is a wrench in the gears of EPA's machine

State Journal

U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall, D-WVa., welcomed the approval from a House subcommittee on a funding bill that would bar the EPA from implementing a “raft of regulations” threatening to undercut West Virginia’s economy.

“The message to the EPA in this bill is plain and simple: you cannot continue to churn out regulation upon regulation without regard for their effect on our economy and the jobs of our citizens,” Rahall said. “This bill is a wrench in the gears of EPA’s regulatory perpetual motion machine. But the provisions in this legislation are only temporary, and I’ll continue to fight to pass permanent solutions.”